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CrewSubs was made by professionals that have worked in the trades industries and understand the pain points of getting the right bids, managing them and completing projects on time. A major area in this workflow is connecting to the right subcontractors and specialists to help get the jobs done.

Especially when markets get tight and supply chains get altered, it is even more  important to have some place where connections and operations can initiate quickly and seamlessly. That’s why CrewSubs is here.

CrewSubs is a unique marketplace where contractors can work with each other, as well as, estates for commercial or high-end residential projects. We are so happy you’ve found us and hope you connect with us so we can see how CrewSubs can work for your needs.

Welcome to the Crew!


founder & CEO of Crewsubs
built with the whole crew in mind

Why choose CrewSubs?

General Contractor

1. Quality Subs, FAST.

Get competitive bids from Subs outside your network.

General Contractor

2. Everything in one place

Manage communications, scheduling, signatures, payments, reviews, compliance, and important documents like expiring COI's.

General Contractor

3. Ayuda en Español

The CrewSubs platform is English and Spanish friendly, meaning all pages of the app are pre-translated and ready to support a diverse team.

General Contractor

4. Resources and more!

Have peace of mind when engaging with single/micro subcontractors.


1. Easily search bids & leads

Search commercial leads and bids all in one place


2. Everything in one place

Manage your calendar/scheduling, payments, invoices, communications, reviews, and important documents from your CrewSubs account.


3. Get paid upfront

Get paid a deposit upfront at the time of booking.


4. Increase your bottom line

Increase your bottom line and get booked for more high quality jobs with CrewSubs.


5. Take advantage of partnerships

Take advantage of partnerships with industry leaders like on-demand daily Certificates of Insurance from Thimble.


6. Resources and more! (Ayuda en Español)

The CrewSubs platform is ready to support a diverse team! (Para ayuda con su perfil y conectando con contratos de trabajo)


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